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Banners (up to 3 sites) from $5 a month depending on the quantity of other ads in the rotation. It also depends on whether you want the ads targeted to North America as well

Text Ads (up to 3 Sites) from $5 a month, also depending on amount of other ads.


Corporate INTCOA Australia members receive free banner advertising on both the forum & the main INTCOA & NATCOA websites. The main NATCOA site is receiving about 250-300 hits per day.

NATCOA / INTCOA membership is $350 Aus a year. This effectively guarantees banner ad rates are never more than the annual corporate membership rate, no matter how popular the sites involved become. We will soon be selling both banner ads and the text ads you see to your right, on a monthly basis as well. If you are interested in text ads, email me at We will give you a good introductory rate until we have established our permanent rates.

Most banners are formatted to 626 x 75. This is done to counteract some ad filtering software which detects standard banner dimensions.

We may also consider banner exchanges on a case by case basis, and we will sometimes offer banners to corporations who give our members a significant discount. If you fit in this category, contact Paul (Canada Contact) on this page.

For the time being contact regarding Banners. A link will be provided for tracking your statistics. We can also design your banner for free, most of those you see on this site were designed by us.

Our banner software is also being designed so you may pay for banner ads direct and be emailed a reminder when they expire.

To join INTCOA/NATCOA, click the link below it. Please ensure your contact E-mail is registered or contact me under the Canada Contact Section here.

To sign up for Corporate membership    Click here

Text Ads

You may also opt for the "Text Ads" you see to the right. these rotate everytime the page refreshes or a new page is loaded. Once again, contact